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Private Label Manufacturing

As a leading manufacturer of cleaning, hygiene and floorcare products for over 50 years, Cleenol also provides private label production of products for a large number of national and international companies. 


Cleenol's Contract Manufacturing Division can offer products from the existing Cleenol and British Nova ranges, and can also formulate products to meet a customer's specific requirements.  This can cover the formulation itself or its packaging.


Cleenol can supply private label products in a large range of pack sizes from tankers and IBCs, to barrels, and 25L, 20L, 10L, 5L, 2.5L, 1L, 750ml, 500ml, 250ml, 100ml & 50ml packs.  Bottles, trigger packs and cartons can be taken from the existing range or to a specific design brief.


Products can be manufactured to a customer's own formulation, or the Cleenol technical department can formulate a product to meet a customer's need or specification.


For further details please contact sales@cleenol.co.uk